Butterfly Valley: Pearl of the Dead Sea Fethiye ?

Here I promise. I will introduce you the place where you may call as a pearl of the Dead Sea, Fethiye so-called Butterfly Valley.

Dead Sea, Fethiye, Mugla

The Dead Sea is without a doubt a standout amongst the best occasion heavens of Turkey. This shining pearl which is situated in Fethiye area of Mugla is visited by hundreds of thousands of vacationers consistently.

Dead Sea Fethiye Mugla Turkey

The best shoreline resort of Fethiye ÔÇô very created as to the travel industry ÔÇô is without a doubt dead sea. It was picked as the most lovely and clean beach on the planet in 2006. It has an extremely quiet sea as is clear from its name and regardless of whether storm breaks out on close-by shorelines, The Dead Sea is quite deserving its name.

Butterfly Valley

At the back, there is waterfall. A the front, there is beach. Perfect point to watch sunset.


Favorite camping place for backpackers without struggling. Also with rentable bungalow houses.


The valley serves to the regular visitors who want to spend their night in there. Because The facilities inside the valley will provide you everything you need during your camping in the butterfly valley. Cafe, open air night club, a little market, shower, toilet, sand volleyball.

Trekking & Hiking & Diving

Indeed there are plenty of choices for people who like trekking, diving, hiking, and climbing. You may consider carrying your equipment to Butterfly Valley to do your hobbies.

Transportation to Butterfly Valley

There is frequent round trips in a day from the Dead Sea to Butterfly Valley. Boat and ferry trips can take 25 mins. The nice and ambitious trip is included ­čÖé

What did I do?

Last week, I spent the whole weekend at the butterfly valley. It was a unique experience for me. Watching the sunset, eating from the trees, lying on the hammock, waking up with the sound of the cocks and ducks, etc…

I owe a thank to a beautiful community called Inter Turkey and to the organizers of the event who turned that weekend to the dream…

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