How to Revive Old Posts in WordPress

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You can care about other issues while your social media accounts are managed easily. Some WordPress Plugins are very successful in managing activities on social media. Revive Social is one of them and today, I will make a review of these useful Plugins. Especially, if you need to optimize the social media activities of your website, you should read this review until the end. After reading this review, you will get all the necessary information about ReviveSocial Plugin called Revive Old Posts.

Nowadays, the power of a website on the internet does not only depend on their place in the Google search results page or the place on any other search engine. We live in the time of social media and a website should have a presence on the different social media platforms to be visible on the internet. Today, managing the presence of your website on social media platforms is easier than ever before. Therefore, you do not need to spend hours to manage your social media accounts.

Revive Old Posts

If I need to explain the purpose of this plug-in briefly, I can say that this plug-in provides the possibility to revive one of your old but popular posts or blogs and boost traffic to your website without creating new posts. Thanks to this WordPress plug-in you can automatically share one of your popular but old content, posts, blog entries, etc. Moreover, you can also schedule the time to share new posts. Revive Social will make all of the possible.

It’s very easy to use ReviveSocial plug-ins. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use it. Therefore, you do not need to employ extra staff to manage your social media accounts. This plugin helps you to control all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Tumblr. However, to use these features of Revive Social, you need to buy the PRO version of Revive Old Post. In the free version, you can use the auto-sharing option for Twitter only. Therefore, if you want the best possible social media visibility for your web site, ad Themeisle, I advise you to buy the PRO version of ReviveSocial.

Prominent Features of Revive Old Posts Plugin

• Share schedule for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
• Share pages or posts
• Follow click rates
• Total control over shares in social platforms
• Share posts more than once
• Share previous posts easily
• Specify a time interval between two posts
• Determine the number of posts you want to share
• Use hashtags in accordance with trends
• Exclude Categories
• Exclude posts
• Google Analytics Compatibleness
• Compatible with URL Shorteners

Types and Plans

There are three different plans for Revive Old Posts. You should decide which one is the proper version for you by considering your needs, your goals, and your budget.

Personal Plan

The features of this plan have sufficient features for personal use as you can understand from its name. When you buy this plan, the plug-in gives support for 1 website. You can add just 1 social account, but I can say that it’s enough for personal use. You can edit UTM tags in this version. It is also possible to add new template share messages. You can post content with featured images. You can share sources up to 20. This version of ReviveSocial gets updates for 12 months. As your favorite guide for WordPress and its plugins, Themeisle suggests this version if you have just one website.

Business Plan

You can understand the scope of this plan from its name. If you are a business person, this plan would be the perfect choice for you. This version supports 3 websites. You can share sources up to 50. You can add 3 accounts on social platforms. The rest is the same as the personal plan. You can add UTM tags, post content with featured images, you can add templates to your messages and the plug-in get updates for 12 months.

Marketer Plan

This is the most advanced version of this ReviveSocial plug-in. This plan would be suitable for you if you are a marketer who has big goals in mind. If you have lots of websites and social media accounts, I strongly advise you to buy this plan.

You won’t regret it. Your social media accounts would always be updated and you would not need to do anything about them if you buy this advanced plan.

This plan gives the opportunity to control an unlimited number of websites. You can share sources up to 50. You can add 10 accounts of social platforms. Of course, again, you can edit UTM tags, you can post content which contains a featured image, you can add template share messages and the plugin would be up to date for 12 months.

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